It's ski season in Colorado and your friends are blowing up your phone to come and visit. They want to come ski and snowboard at Powderhorn Mountain and suddenly you must be the concierge to help them plan their stay.

Your Friends Need Help Finding a Great Hotel in Grand Junction Colorado

No worries! It's easier than you think. Grand Junction has no shortage of places to stay from B&B's to large hotels with giant pools and fitness centers. Today we will focus on hotels that offer a fun environment, a clean room, and friendly service.

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Find A Hotel That Is Right For Your Budget in Grand Junction Colorado

If you are searching for places to stay you really only need to know what your guests are looking for. If they plan on skiing all day and really only want a room to crash in, a B&B or vacation rental could be exactly what they need. If you have a family with little ones they might want a pool or fitness center, or maybe even a hotel with a business center. We got that!

Check Out Twelve Great Hotel Options in Grand Junction Colorado

Scroll through the photo gallery below as we check out a wide range of hotel options in town, so you can just forward this link off to your friends the next time they ask. You can also keep it handy for those unexpected guests.

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