The National Weather Service says Grand Junction, Colorado can look forward to 100-degree temperatures this Friday, June 10, 2022, and 101 on Saturday. How do you plan to beat the heat this weekend?

I asked on social media, "It's supposed to hit 100 this Saturday in Grand Junction. How will you spend the weekend?" According to you, these are your plans for this toasty weekend.

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100 Degrees This Friday in Grand Junction Colorado

The National Weather Service predictions for this weekend in Grand Junction read, "Sunny and hot, with a high near 100." No fun, Dr. Jones. That's a little too toasty for some of our favorite outdoor activities in this part of the world.

Things To Do When It Hits 100

The Bacardi Mixers webpage offers a list of "100 Things To Do When It's 100 Degrees." You'll find that very few of these suggestions include activities one might expect to find on someone's bucket list. A few examples would be:

Run through the sprinklers (running sprinklers in 100-degree heat is a good way to scorch your lawn)

  • Watch a movie about penguins
  • Make extra ice cubes
  • Stand behind  a dog's wagging tail
  • Close your eyes and pretend it's winter
  • Do a rain dance
  • Call a friend who lives someplace hotter
  • Get a buzz cut
  • Ask the bees if they're too hot

We Can Do Better In Grand Junction, Colorado

When things get hot in the valley, many of us head up to the Grand Mesa. Unfortunately, that may not help this weekend. The National Weather Service reports the temperature in Mesa, Colorado will hit 94 on Friday and 96 on Saturday.

It looks as though we may have to simply meet these temperatures head-on. In my case, I'll be participating in a motorcycle event in Montrose where temps are expected to hit 94 on Friday and 95 on Saturday.

Let's Get Creative

The high temperatures are simply a fact of life. We're going to have to deal with them. If you have neighbors who require assistance, please check with them to make sure their cooling systems are fired up for the season and working properly.

Since we can't "beat the heat," we'll have to make the best of it. Here's a handful of your comments as to how you plan to deal with this weekend's hot temperatures in Grand Junction.

Grand Junction Will Do This When Temps Hit 100 This Weekend

The National Weather Service predicts Grand Junction will see 100 degree temperatures by Friday, June 10, 2022. I asked on social media, "It's supposed to hit 100 this Saturday in Grand Junction. How will you spend the weekend?" Here's what you had to say:

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