Check out the amazing work done on this home in Grand Junction that includes your own inground saltwater pool!

This home was built in 1939 and has been the beneficiary of countless upgrades and additions and is currently pending sale. Scroll on to see inside this piece of Grand Junction Colorado real estate. 

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Grand Junction Colorado Real Estate

We love keeping our eyes out for places in Colorado that offer amazing dream homes, but we also like showing off unique properties and real estate that is right here at home like this home just off of 1st and Orchard in Grand Junction.

Finding a Home For Sale in Grand Junction with a Pool

We love showing off homes that come with indoor OR outdoor pools because let's face it, who doesn't want a home with a pool in the Grand Valley? Grab our free station app to be able to see all the Colorado dream homes anytime you want to scroll through them.

See Inside 115 Hillcrest Drive in Grand Junction

While this home in Grand Junction is pending sale it is really neat to look inside. We checking out a house that started almost 80 years ago, but seems like it's brand new. Add the fireplaces and your own home theater, and you'll join us in keeping an eye on this house with the deal 'pending'.

Grand Junction Colorado Home Includes a Giant Pool and Home Theater

See inside 115 Hillcrest Drive in Grand Junction! This home in the Grand Valley includes a huge outdoor swimming pool, a massive fireplace, and a home theater with a giant screen.

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MORE: Grand Junction Colorado Home Includes a Pool and a Fire Pit

The pool house, inground pool, pond access, and fire pit are all included with this house in Red Ranch Estates.

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