Grand Junction's Guitar Club is looking for new members to join them in 2022. 

You don't have to be Randy Rhodes reincarnated to join either. Do you love music? Could you help teach the craft to others? Can you help someone learn to tune an instrument and to strum a couple of chords? Then the Grand Junction Colorado Guitar Club would love to have you come sit with them and pick a song or two.

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Grand Junction Colorado's Guitar Club Seeks New Members

I recently read a story about the guitar club in the Daily Sentinal about a young boy with a troubled past who started showing up at a guitar club with a toy guitar. This 10-year-old would sit in the back and not say much but he began to learn to play. He made friends, he learned to play a few chords, and finally, his Grandfather offered to buy the boy a guitar if his friends in the class could help pick one out.

Could you spare an hour each month to help make something so cool as this happen for another kid?

Grand Junction's Guitar Club Meets Weekly at First Christian Church in Grand Junction

The Grand Junction Guitar Club is going to hold its first meeting of the year coming up on January 31st. They'll meet at the First Christian Church at 1326 N. First Street from 6 to 7:30 pm. Beginners will learn the basics while advanced players can group off and swamp licks and tips.

Grand Junction's Guitar Club is Free to Join

Fellowship and the gift of music. Joining the Grand Junction guitar club involves ZERO cost. There are no dues or memberships. Just come willing to share your love for music with others. Find out more about the club here, or by calling 970-778-5473.

10 Reasons To Join Grand Junction Colorado's Guitar Club

Make 2022 the year you share the gift of music with others and consider joining up with the Grand Junction Colorado Guitar Club.

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