If $2,000.00 magically appeared in your wallet, where would you spend it in Grand Junction, Colorado? This is entirely up to you.

I asked on Facebook, "You have $2,000 to spend in a Grand Junction store. What store are you in?" Here's what you had to say.

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Look Out Grand Junction Music Stores and Home Improvement Stores

Hold on to your loved ones! Grand Junctionites are about to invade the local music shop. My advice to Jan and Aaron at Hart Music is to get ready. A large percentage of the people who replied to this post said they were heading straight to Hart Music in downtown Grand Junction.

Those not heading to the music store are planning to raid the various home improvement stores around the valley. It sounds as if you already have plans for your next home project, it's now simply a matter of setting aside the cash.

Interesting Omissions Out of Grand Junction Colorado

There were more replies to this social media engagement question than any other question I've posted. As a matter of fact, far more.

A few business didn't make the cut. Over 230 comments came in within an hour or so of my posting the question. Not one of the replies mentioned a jewelry store, shoe store, tire shop, winery, or outdoor recreation store.

Necessities of Life

To my ear, it seems responses pretty much adhered to the necessities of life, namely:

  • Food
  • Music gear

I have no problem with this. I can think of several years of my life when all I owned was music gear, the clothes on my back, a surprisingly reliable Volkswagen Golf, and what little food I had in the pantry. Had $2,000 landed in my lap, it would have been an excellent opportunity to score more music gear.

This Was An Open Ended Question

When asked what you would buy with $2,000, you could have said anything. You could have chosen to spend the money at the adult video store, the pet store, smoke shop, or at Good Willy's Boutique (my pet name for Goodwill.) When it was all said and done, you had your sights set on needed items like groceries, hardware, and household products.

This is Where Grand Junction Colorado Would Spend $2,000

I asked on Facebook, "You have $2,000 to spend in a Grand Junction store. What store are you in?" Here's what you had to say.

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