Western Colorado is hardly the earthquake capital of the world, but every now and then the ground begins to shake. Here's a look at the 10 most recent earthquakes near Grand Junction.

55 Earthquakes Happen Every Day Worldwide

The U.S. Geological Survey says there are about 20,000 earthquakes around the globe every year. That breaks down to about 55 every day. The vast majority of these aren't large and don't cause damage. The USGS says it expects around 16 major earthquakes in any given year - that is quakes that register magnitude 7 or higher.

Colorado Has Experienced 1600 Earthquakes In Over 120 Years

Earthquakes in Colorado are infrequent. The USGS reports only about 1600 quakes have occurred in the state since 1900. Of those, only 39 have been at a magnitude of 4.0 or higher, and just seven have been over 5.0. Colorado has never experienced an earthquake of magnitude 6 or higher. It's such a blessing to be living in Colorado and not California.

The most recent "big" Colorado earthquake was a 5.3 quake in 2011. The largest earthquake ever in Colorado was a 5.5 temblor in1960 near Colona, about 17 miles south of Montrose.

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Earthquakes In Colorado Are Rare

What we know about earthquakes in Colorado is that they are rare and usually small. It would be highly unusual to hear of an earthquake causing damage. If and when that happens, it might be an indication the end is near.

10 Recent Earthquakes Near Grand Junction, Colorado

Grand Junction has experienced earthquakes over the years and sometimes they are large enough to be felt by locals. Big or small, earthquakes in western Colorado are rare. Here is a look at the 10 most recent earthquakes near Grand Junction.

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