Did you ever shop at Cook's Market in Grand Junction, Colorado? How about Warehouse Market? They were both popular places to shop in Grand Junction in the 1970s and 80s.

The businesses are gone, but the building still stands. As a matter of fact, you've probably driven past this place hundreds of times. Check out a few fond memories from those who used to shop there.

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Well Known Location In Grand Junction, Colorado

I asked a question about this long-gone grocery store yesterday on the Facebook page "You Know You're From Grand Junction When..." People began chiming in right and left. As it turns out, this grocery store was a popular place.

In the 1970s and 80s, if you visited 1235 N. 4th Street, you'd be at an independently owned and operated grocery store. If you drive by there today, you'll find yourself at the Salvation Army Grand Junction Corps building.

You've probably driven right past this building countless times. If you are now, ever have been, or have children who are Grand Junction High School students, you're probably very familiar with this building. It's located just one block west of GJHS.

Cook's Market map
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A Family-Owned, Independently Operated Grocery Store

This store was something of a departure from City Markets, Albertson's, and Safeway stores found around Grand Junction. It was something of a "discount" store. This was a slightly different ballgame than what we have today. At a time before Dollar Generals or Family Dollar stores, you would visit businesses such as this.

Shoppers Used Grease Pencils To Write Prices Down On Items

If you go back in time about 40 years or so, there were some stores where you would use a grease pencil to jot down on their label each item's price. Looking back at a 1981 article from the Free Lance-Star, you'll find a description of this long-forgotten practice:

Earlier this week, Giant announced a two-part program aimed at increasing sales volume and improving efficiency in all of its 127 stores in Virginia, Maryland and Washington. The chain began promoting "warehouse prices" on 2,400 items, but tempered this with the announcement that no longer will prices be marked on each individual item, freeing clerks from the time-consuming task. Instead, shelf markers showing item price, unit price, and item size will be larger and more visible... Stores will supply grease pencils to shoppers who want to mark prices themselves on items they buy.

A Popular Rendevous Point For Students and Parents

If you were a Grand Junction High School student back then, it's entirely possible Cook's Market is the place where your parents would pick you up after school. The lot featured ample parking, with easy access from both 4th Street, North Avenue, and Glenwood Avenue.

A Fun Place To Get Thrown Out Of

Do you remember the City Market at 1st and Orchard in Grand Junction? If you were a West Junior High School student back in the day, you weren't allowed in the store during school hours.

The same goes for Cook's/Warehous Market. A former Grand Junction High School student from the Class of 1990, Frank Gallegos confirms, "We were only allowed there at lunch and without a backpack or gym bag."

It's proving difficult to track down the exact date, but most of us believe the grocery store closed down sometime around 1987. The Salvation Army moved into the building sometime circa 1991.

Grand Junction Chimes In With Memories of Long Gone Discount Grocery Store

I posted a few questions on social media asking about a long gone grocery store on 4th Street in Grand Junction, Colorado. It stirred up quite a few memories.

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