Yes, Grand Junction, back-to-back single-digit nights in February are not normal.

A common theme around the water cooler this week has been the Grand Valley's frigid temperatures, and a lot of folks are expressing a low tolerance for the extreme cold. The fact is, single-digit temperatures in February are not the norm for Grand Junction.

February Is Not Grand Junction's Coldest Month

In case you didn't know, January is the coldest month in Grand Junction with an average low temperature of 17°. December is the second coldest month, followed by February -where the average low temperature historically is 24°. Having single-digit temperatures in February is not necessarily unusual, but it certainly is not common.

How Uncommon Are Single-Digit Temperatures In Grand Junction?

Grand Junction has experienced back-to-back nights where the temperature has dropped into the single digits. According to statistics from Weather Underground, that makes just six times in the last six years that Grand Junction has seen single-digit temperatures during the month of February, and the first since 2020. So, yes, it does happen, but not frequently.


An Unusual February Phenomenon In Grand Junction In 2018

I noticed something strange when I was looking at Grand Junction's weather from the last few years. In 2018, Grand Junction experienced the highest and lowest temperature of the month on the same day. On February 18, 2018, Grand Junction's high temperature was an unusually warm 60° and the low that day was 0°. The temperature hit zero twice in three days, but those were the only two days of single-digit temperatures during the month.

Good News For Grand Junction

The good news is that temperatures will be moderating over the next few days - with no more single-digit frigid cold. I'm not a meteorologist, but it seems unlikely that Grand Junction will experience single-digit temperatures again this winter. I could be wrong, but I know a lot of people are hoping I'm not.

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