A White Christmas is truly only a dream in Grand Junction.

A Grand Junction White Christmas Is Not the Norm

Sure, you can drive a few miles and find snow on Christmas day if you head to Glade Park or to the Grand Mesa. But, based on recent history, the chances of a white Christmas in Grand Junction are about as good as the Broncos making the playoffs this year. It's possible - but it's not likely. A white Christmas is always possible in Grand Junction. After all, it is December. But, those occasions seem to be few and far between. What's more likely, based upon history,  is that it's going to be relatively mild and dry.

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Grand Junction Christmas Forecast

As it turns out, there is rain in the forecast for Friday night in the Grand Valley with a chance of rain and show showers on Saturday with a high of 47. I'm sorry to say, but, there is not going to be any snowman-building on Christmas morning. What else is new?

Looking Back At Grand Junction's Christmas Weather

When we look back over the past 25 years, we've seen Christmas Day highs as low as 20 degrees - and as warm as 48 - but, nowhere close to Grand Junction's record high of 60. And, most often, there is very little precipitation on Christmas. December golf has become a regular thing.

25 Years of Christmas Weather In Grand Junction

It's interesting to look back over the years to see how Grand Junction has fared on Christmas Day in regards to weather. Here is a look at Grand Junction's Christmas weather over the past 25 years, based on data from Weather Underground.

Grand Junction & Western Colorado Snow 1940s and 50s - Robert Grant Photos

Well, here it is December 20, 2021, and Grand Junction has no snow to speak of. Since we can't enjoy any snow at this moment, let's take a look back to Grand Junction and Western Colorado of the 1940s and 50s with these Robert Grant photos.

The Grand Valley's Best Holiday Light Displays for 2021

Take a look at some of the Grand Valley's best holiday lights displays below. Think your house is one of the best decorated in the neighborhood? Send it to us and you could win $500.

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