It's lunchtime, you're starving, and you have precisely $10 to your name. Where can you find a good lunch deal under $10 in Grand Junction, Colorado?

At times like this, the wise thing to do is turn to Grand Junction residents for a little insight. You've never steered me wrong. I asked on Facebook, "You have $10 to spend on lunch in Grand Junction. Where are you going, and what are you getting?" Here are some of your favorite, affordable lunch deals.

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Prices Have Gone Up In Grand Junction, Colorado

The price of everything, including and especially food, has gone up lately. For many of us, the food budget is getting slimmer and slimmer, and so are our waistlines.

Didn't You Ask This Once Already?

Yes, I did. That, however, was about six months ago. Since then, the lunch deal at my favorite Grand Junction restaurant has increased in price three times, moving out of the range of my budget. Yes, I'm cheap. People remind me of this daily... actually, hourly comes to mind.

Taking It To The Streets

At times like this, the proper thing is to take the matter to social media. I asked on Facebook, "Where will you find the best lunch deal in Grand Junction?" It's fortunate this question went live. Replies came rolling in, and many of the suggestions involved deals and restaurants that may have slipped beneath your radar.

Awesome Pizza Deals

A number of people chimed in with a pizza deal from a national chain. It's available here in Grand Junction and sounds like a great deal.

Burger Joints, Too

Several people mentioned a lunch deal at a national burger chain. It sounds almost too good to be true. Given how many people mentioned it, it must be legit. Can you come up with $5 and tax? If so, this lunch deal might be for you.

One of the comments below mentioned a popular burger chain with a very useful app. I use it myself, and the deals are often excellent. If you have a restaurant you enjoy, it may benefit you to look into their app options.

Places You Don't Normally Think About For Prepped Food

One business earning several mentions would be a local members-only retail store. This business has a food court with awesome deals. How does lunch for $2 to $3 sound? It may not qualify as gourmet cuisine by candlelight, but it certainly meets the criteria for sustenance.

If you're having to pinch pennies when it comes to food, let alone dining out, check out the gallery below. You may see a few deals you weren't aware of.

Grand Junction Colorado's Best Lunch Deals Under $10

The price of everything is going up... way up. There's a chance your food budget has taken a brutal beating.

When lunch rolls around, where can you find a decent deal in Grand Junction? Sometimes life gets in the way and you don't have time to pack a lunch. What if you're on a budget?

I asked on Facebook, "You have 10 to spend on lunch in Grand Junction. Where are you going, and what are you getting?" Here are your picks for the best lunch deals in town under $10.

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