What did Grand Junction look like from above back in 1957? Take a look at a handful of Robert Grant's aerial photos from the 1950's and '60's.

First things first - who is the little kid flying the plane while Bob Grant takes pictures? That's his oldest grandson, and my older brother, Happy. In reality, Happy wasn't at the controls of this plane for long, or at least we hope not. Did Bob really let him pilot the plane? Yes, and there's not much we can do about it now.

Bob Grant was a licensed pilot, but typically chartered flights in order to snap aerial shots for the government and various contractors.

Most of the photos in this video are from 1957. All are from Grand Junction and the surrounding area. One shot definitely not from 1957 would be the opening shot of Bob and his grandson. The grandson wasn't even born until 1967.

In some ways it's amazing how much this town has changed. In many ways, though, it's fascinating just how much it hasn't. With the exception of black and white vs. color, the shots of Grand and White avenues wouldn't look much different today.

This is a little something I did for fun. With all the recent and welcome rain, it seemed appropriate to spend a little down time going through some of my grandpa's photos. After a number of aerial shots caught my eye, it seemed appropriate to put together a short video.

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