Do you remember when you could drive Colorado's Interstate 70 from Grand Junction to Denver in roughly four hours? Well, those days are over. Since it's going to take time, you might as well enjoy some of the fascinating attractions along the way.

If you're making the trek from Grand Junction to Denver, you have a good 243-mile drive ahead of you. That's 243 miles of Colorado awesomeness for you to enjoy. Rafting, train museums, mines, disc golf, breweries, fishing, and historic sites line the path along I-70. Here's a look, in no particular order whatsoever, at some of the best attractions.

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Grand Junction To Denver On Colorado's I-70

Driving Colorado's I-70 can be fun, then again, it can be an agonizing, tedious task dispatched from the very gates of Hell. It's all a matter of attitude, and to a certain degree, traffic on the passes.

Exciting Things Along The Way

Obviously, the scenery along Interstate 70 is magnificent. On our worst day, Colorado has it better than any other state in the nation. There are, however, a number of awesome things to do along the way. Most are family-friendly and very affordable. Some are free.

Let's Drop Some Names

There are several fascinating attractions that come to mind instantly:

  • Hanging Lake (as obvious as it gets)
  • Glenwood Hot Springs
  • Coors Brewery Tour

If you've driven I-70 in the past, you've probably visited those three already. What about the various train tours? How about driving the highest paved road in all of North America? Have you ever toured an operational gold mine?

Fascinating Things Along The Trail

Driving from Grand Junction to Denver, or vice versa, offers countless opportunities for fun and adventure. Rafting, hiking, biking, hot springs, zip lines, museums, mines, ghost towns, and more. You could spend a lifetime visiting them all. The next time you find yourself driving over the mountain, make a point to visit the attractions outlined below. Most are right off of I-70, and if not, they're within a very short distance.

With a little guidance courtesy of the websites Denver I Love, Out There Colorado, and Simon Sulyma, here's a look at some of Colorado's best.

The Best Places to Stop When Traveling to Denver from Grand Junction

Are you planning to make the drive over the mountain? There's nothing that states you have to drive nonstop from point A to B. When driving from Grand Junction, Colorado to Denver, there are a number of fascinating adventures to pursue right along the I70 corridor.

Since I have no idea if you're driving I70 from Grand Junction to Denver, or from Denver to Grand Junction, these attractions are presented in no particular order. They all have one thing in common, though. They are all right off of Colorado's I70, or within a few minutes of the exit.

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