It has been closed for nearly a year, but, now Graff Dairy in Grand Junction is scheduled to reopen in July.

After 50 years of business, Graff Dairy closed its doors last August, with Dave and Judy retiring from the dairy business.

According to the Graff Dairy Facebook page, a new owner will open the store on July 5th to carry on this Grand Junction ice cream tradition.

Graff Dairy has been known for its cheese as well as the ice cream flavor of the week including such favorites as Mocha, Peach, and Salted Caramel. We wonder if the cheese curds will make their way back as well.

Facebookers have raved about Graff Dairy. Anita says,"Graff's is hands down the best ice cream in the world!" Ashlyn says, "I just love this place."

The location of the reopened store will remain at 581 29 Road.