There are often times that we trust GPS to get us where we need to go, we are trusting that the coordinates are set up correctly and we will arrive quick and safe to our destination. And sometimes, GPS just plain and simply lets us down. According to the Durango Herald, this past weekend GPS let one driver down and of course, he was traveling in a 30-foot box truck.

It happened last Friday afternoon near the top of a rugged mountain road north of Silverton, Colorado which is Engineer Pass. If you're not familiar with Engineer Pass it is one of the most difficult and steep backcountry roads in the area with a top elevation of 12,800 and requires four-wheel drive and a high-clearance vehicle. It is not an easy drive for even an experienced truck driver.

The trip began Friday morning and the driver was almost to the top of Engineer Pass when the truck headed for Lake City decided to turn around and that is where the driver got into trouble. He realized he shouldn't have taken this route and when attempting to turn around he got the big box truck stuck.

This mistake is going to cost the driver as much as a couple of thousand dollars to get the big rig off the small road. Another driver that passed the box truck on Friday said while the truck didn't completely block the road it made it more difficult for Jeeps and off-road vehicles to navigate the road.

Always be very careful when navigating unfamiliar roads especially when using a vehicle that you aren't used to driving.

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