Do you like to golf? Do you enjoy activities involving golf? While you won't necessarily get rich, the City of Grand Junction has a handful of golf-related jobs available right now.

The City of Grand Junction recently listed several job positions ranging from Seasonal Golf Professional to Seasonal Golf Course Range/Cart Attendant. If you live and breathe golf, and simultaneously find yourself in need of a temp gig. perhaps you should consider these opportunities.

Personally, I've never played golf. The closest I've come was at a golf course in Casper, Wyoming. On the very last hole, I was able to get the ball through the windmill and into the clown's nose. I didn't win any trophies, but I did receive a free game.

No doubt you're more of a golf fanatic than I am. Available job positions include:

  • 1st Assistant Golf Professional

    Pay rate is $15.50 hourly plus incentives

    Ohhh, tell more about these incentives. Okay, so $15.50 an hour isn't exactly the kind of bucks Tiger Woods rakes in, but it's a start.

    Have you ever dreamed of being a golf pro? Fire up the Polo shirt and get your application in today.

  • Seasonal Golf Course Range/Cart Attendant

    $10.20 Hourly

    Did someone say golf carts? What does this job involve? According to the City of GJ's official webpage:

    Perform a variety of duties in the daily operations of the Golf Course including retrieving range balls, cleaning and restocking of the range balls, cleaning and storage of the golf carts, routine maintenance of the golf carts, and other tasks involved with closing the golf operation.

  • Seasonal Golf Professional 3rd Assistant

    $12.00 Hourly

    This one has a long job description. By the time I got to the end of it, one simple word came to mind - Clerk.

    Job duties include: Assist in the day-to-day operations of either golf facility. Like opening/closing procedures, the collection of golf-related fees, golf cart rental and more.

  • Seasonal Parks Maintenance - Sports Facilities

    $10.20 - $15.74 Hourly

    This one is a little off topic, but it still involves sports in Grand Junction. You'll need a long list of skills like: perform semi-skilled maintenance, construction, and repair work, use and operate vehicular and stationary mechanical equipment and more.

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