It's a tragic and life-changing event when a family has their house burn down but add on the fact that animals lost their lives as well and the event gets even worse. Unfortunately, that is the sad reality for one Grand Junction family as a fire broke out on the 500 block of Centennial Road and their entire home went up in flames.

According to Western Slope Now, Grand Junction firefighters responded to this fire quickly and found three people who lived in the mobile home were able to escape without injury. But all of their belongings are gone and the fire department has already reached out to Victim Advocates and the Red Cross to assist this family during this very difficult time.

The Grand Junction Fire Department was able to rescue several dogs but one dog was injured and a few dogs and other pets were found deceased. Animal Control did respond to the fire to help the injured animals. Three cats were found unharmed in a room with the door shut, somehow the closed-door kept the fire and smoke away from the animals.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation by the Grand Junction Fire Department. And now the family is left to piece their life and home back together. Friends of the fire victim have already started a GoFundMe account to help them get back on their feet, and show them they are loved and everything will be okay.

The donation page has raised over $5,000, if you want to donate click here.

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