Western Colorado bands joined forces last Saturday, October 5, to perform at a memorial concert. While it may not go down in the history books alongside Woodstock or the Denver Pop Festival, people won't soon forget "Bud Jam 2019."

Grand Junction groups the Desert Flyer Band and the Loose Canon Band rocked the house, literally, on the north side of town. For years, a "festival" has been held at this location. The end of summer event was thought of as Country Jam's counterpart. Whereas Country Jam kicked off the summer, this event, typically referred to as "Toe Jam," closed the summer down.

This year, the name morphed from "Toe Jam" to "Bud Jam." What's with the name change? Well, my dad, who went by nickname Bud, passed away two and a half weeks earlier. He used to be one of the fixtures at "Toe Jam." Unfortunately, this year, instead of participating, he was the event's namesake.

Everyone came together to pay respects to my dad. My mother, Gloria, died exactly eight weeks to the day before my dad. In a way, the event was thought of as "Bud and Gloria Jam." Regrettably, she didn't live to see her and my dad's 56th wedding anniversary.

Bud and Gloria Balloons
Waylon Jordan

Area musicians including Greg Achord, Andy Brinkley, Kurt Kuxhausen, Pat Olson, Max McFarland, Blake McFarland, Nancy Sours, and Bob Sours, shared their time and talent to put on this awesome show. The headcount came in at 75 audience members. Okay, so that's only 399,925 fewer people than Woodstock.

Where my mother is concerned, we held a memorial service at the funeral home. My dad requested no service. Not having a service didn't sit well with some of us. We wanted to do something. Before long.... "Bud Jam."

No money was spent. There were no tickets to speak of. Beer was cold, and it was free. Now that's a tribute.

I would like to express a huge "thank you" to all who hosted and attended. This is the way to do it. Nothing against funerals, but as I'm sure you've noticed, they tend to be a little gloomy. A "Jam" on the other hand, that's the way to go.

Everyone really missed you, Bud (dad). We all hope you enjoyed the show.

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