The past year has been extremely difficult on the restaurant industry across the nation, and now another western Colorado restaurant is having to close its doors for good.

Glenwood Springs Mexican Restaurant Closes

The Post Independent reports that Fiesta Guadalajara in Glenwood Springs has closed its doors because they don't have enough employees to operate the business. The restaurant's last day was May 9.

A store manager was quoted as saying they tried to bring employees from the Grand Junction location to keep it going but were unable to adequately staff the restaurant. I have personally heard accounts of businesses struggling to keep employees working because the unemployed were able to sustain their livelihood on unemployment benefits - even though jobs are available.

Grand Junction Location Remains Open

The good news is the Fiesta Guadalajara in Grand Junction will remain open at its location at 7th and North. I can't even imagine driving down North Avenue and not seeing that restaurant on the corner.

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Disturbing Trend

So many restaurants across the country have been significantly impacted by the pandemic and many have been forced to close. There have been recent reports that 10% of the nation's restaurants have closed permanently. However, the National Restaurant Association says as many as 17% of the country's eateries have closed permanently or long-term. That means more than 110,000 establishments nationwide.

What's disturbing about the news is that many well-established restaurants like Fiesta Guadalajara in Glenwood Spring are having to close. The restaurant association says on average, these restaurants that are closing have been in business for 16 years, and 16% had been open for at least 30 years.

Restaurants Need Support -- and Workers

Restaurants are such an important part of any community and we all should do what we can to support them as much as possible. However, if they can't find people in need of jobs and willing to work, it becomes impossible for them to operate. Hopefully, the government will close the loopholes that allow people to take advantage of the system by living off unemployment benefits rather than working for a paycheck.

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