If you love roller coasters as much as I do, we're in for a real treat this summer at Glenwood Canyon.

This unique roller coaster which sits at 7,000 feet will be sending you up, down, and all-around in a European kind of way. It's European because of the types of cars that will take you rolling through the course, one takes about 56 seconds.

If a 110-foot record-breaking drop of about 102 degrees is a bit much for you, then this may not be the ride for you. But if you're looking for the thrill of a lifetime, let's ride.

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That just looks incredible. Glenwood Caverns not only feature cave tours, but they also have insane rides and a whole lot of fun for family activities, and a wonderful way to create memories that will last a lifetime while catching some thrills in the meantime.

The park is open and the only ride that I'm currently seeing that's still not up and running for the season is the Cliffhanger.

With the forecast calling for rain and snow this weekend, at least on Friday into Saturday, you'll probably have to wait a bit to head out there. But this summer looks to be filled with thrills and fun at Glenwood, especially with this exciting edition of Defiance.

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