I'm shopping for a new computer. I thought it would be wise to search all Grand Junction area outlets. One local retailer offered great prices on quality merchandise, but their customer service needs a little attention.

After submitting my email address, the site replied with an email providing a verification code. The email's greeting was a bit, shall we say.... off.

First of all, that's Mr. Butt to you! Second, at no time whatsoever did I enter a name of any kind. I've never shopped at this online site, so I'm not even on file. How did they come up with "butt"? "Hello, You" would have made more sense. "What's Up?" or "What It Be, My Man" would have been fine, too.

Not only am I "butt", it seems I don't even warrant the respect to have the first letter of my name capitalized.

Is this an example of outright contempt towards me, or this there some sort of glitch in the machine? Is there some smart alec working the other side of this website?

No doubt this was just a glitch. Here's hoping it was a glitch. I really do hope this was a glitch. Somebody, please tell me this was a glitch.

Perhaps it would be best if I went down to the store and made the purchase in person. This way, they can call me "butt" to my face.

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