This is a "go big" moment. Big flag hanging from a big bridge over a breathtaking gorge. The big flag hanging from the Royal Gorge Bridge represents the fictional country of Zamunda as the "Coming 2 America" movie sequel premieres.

That's right 33 years later Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall are back for a sequel. So why did the marketers at Amazon Studios pick the Royal Gorge here in Colorado for such a large promotion? Well, according to OutThere Colorado "it's the largest flag to ever hang from the bridge and is intended to welcome the fictional royal family in the film to the United States." Royal bridge for a royal family kind of thing. Just to be clear Colorado is not featured in the film.

The Royal Gorge is a 1,200 foot canyon on the Arkansas River in Canon City, Colorado. The bridge above it, clearly magical. I love that it was recognized as a place cool enough to promote a movie like this.

The original "Coming to America" film came out in 1988. Eddie Murphy plays a very pampered Prince Akeem who has traveled from the country of Zamunda, to find a bride in Queens, New York. He is accompanied by his friend and advisor Semmi, played by Arsenio Hall. The sequel follows King Akeem's son on a journey to find a wife.

The New York Times describes this sequel as "a sweet and silly celebration of Black popular culture, with a sincere respect for history and a welcoming regard for the new generation."

Critics have mixed reviews. RottenTomatoes has it at a 52% on the tomatometer with critics saying things like "sadly they do not bring the same level of comedy or emotion from before." Amazon Prime had it at 3.6 stars out 5 with one reviewer saying it "is heartfelt, visually appetizing and a different perspective of a magical love story."

"Coming 2 America" is available on Amazon Prime.

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