Are you familiar with the various accounts of hauntings and ghost sightings at Grand Junction High School? I went there, and yet until today, have never heard these stories.

The Grand Junction High School Class of 1979 took a tour of their old school. Listen to the tales of the ghosts of GJHS.

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First Time Hearing Of These Hauntings

I attended Grand Junction High School from 1985 to 1988. I don't remember hearing anything about these hauntings during my academic career, or shall I say imprisonment, at the school (Sorry, I was an antisocial youth). Most of the hauntings described in the video would have taken place during my years. One haunting in the video didn't begin until much later in 2009.

Locations of the Various Disturbances

Several hauntings have been reported at GJHS. One involving a women's bathroom, another the orchestra pit in the theater, and another located at an underground pool in the gymnasium. Another report involves secret tunnels leading from Grand Junction High School to Martin Mortuary.

On a side note: have you noticed how many reports there are of secret tunnels in Grand Junction. You've probably heard of the secret tunnels between the Elks Lodge and the St. Regis hotel in Grand Junction. Now we have them between a high school and a mortuary. What's going on under this town?

Grand Junction High School Hasn't Changed Much

I still visit the school frequently. I perform with a handful of orchestras and jazz ensembles with concerts held at the GJHS theater. No disrespect intended, but that school looks exactly the same now as it did when I went there in the mid-1980s. As a matter of fact, my mother would come to my concerts every once and a while, and she often said the school looked exactly the same way it did when she went there in the late 1950s. With that in mind, perhaps it's not so hard to believe some spirits may be lingering around their old stomping grounds.

Not to be Taken Lightly

The video at the top is the first part of a two-part series. The second video can be found below. Before you watch the videos, please be advised the subject matter includes deaths as a result of murder and suicide.

This is Some Creepy Stuff

Seriously, until today, I had never heard any of these stories. Now that I think about it, three generations of my family went to this school. Even my cousin's kids, both of whom just graduated GJHS, never made mention of these hauntings.

The next time you attend a game or performance at Grand Junction High School, you may see the place in a different light. Public areas such as the gym and auditorium are where you'll most likely encounter these lingering spirits.

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