An old, once prosperous Colorado town is now considered a ghost town and has left behind what some consider to be a quite creepy cemetery.

The town of Vicksburg, Colorado, has been nearly abandoned for many years, but still hangs on to much of its history. There are still buildings standing, the town's main street is still intact, and the historic town's cemetery is still very much still hanging on.

However, if one were to visit the desolate Vicksburg cemetery, they may be greeted with a bit of an eerie feeling. The cemetery has not been taken care of to the extent of how a cemetery should probably be taken care of, especially when compared to one that is based in a town that actually has a decent amount of residents.

Regardless, the cemetery in the ghost town of Vicksburg, Colorado, is home, and always will be home to many former residents of our great state that passed away during the early days of Colorado.

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Take a virtual tour of Vicksburg, Colorado's cemetery:

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