By now you've seen the mile long line on Union Pacific engines stored just off the Riverside Parkway in Grand Junction. They're pretty hard to miss. Now take a look at the trains from a different point of view.

According to the Daily Sentinel, the diesel engines are being stored here while the railroad experiences a slowdown in moving products.

Precisely how much do one of the engines cost? Where would one buy such a thing? If one types "how much does a diesel engine cost" into a search engine, a number of sites appear with companies selling these things. Companies like Mid-Am Equipment, Inc., are in the business of selling and leasing diesel engines. According to Yahoo Answers, an engine typically runs between 1.8 and 2.5 million dollars brand new.

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Judging by the drone footage, there must be at least a hundred engines currently stored in Grand Junction. At a high end estimate of 2.5 million dollars, that equals a quarter of a billion dollars worth of trains sitting off the Riverside Parkway. Thanks to Carl Belcher for shooting this awesome drone footage.

Take a look at the trains stored in Grand Junction from a new point of view. The drone footage puts a new spin on things. Seeing the colossal line of trains from the air, combined with some insight on the value makes for an awesome spectacle.

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