It's not really 'Star Wars: Episode VII' news, but this interview with George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy may help shed some light on why Lucas retired and how Kennedy stepped in to replace him.

Over at they've got a great series of interviews with George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy in which the pair discuss their long history together and how Kennedy got involved with Lucasfilm way back when.

But the most interesting stuff is in the third video of the five-part series, in which Lucas and Kennedy talk about the lunch that changed everything, when he asked her to take over for him so he could retire. Perhaps what's so great about this whole thing is that there's no drama over at Lucasfilm -- everyone is excited about the new opportunities and the future of 'Star Wars,' and Lucas is free to go off and make indie movies in his garage or whatever it is he's been saying he wants to do.

The pair seem to have such a warm rapport with one another in this interview, and it's really adorable when Lucas is asked to give Kennedy some words of advice -- he gives this very dramatic pause, looks Kennedy in the eye and says, "Good luck."

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