We have all seen the photos and videos of gas hoarders across the country, seeing tons of these videos pop up lately. Including some people not having gas canisters and still attempting to pump gasoline into plastic grocery bags, please don’t do that, it’s not going to end well. But in all reality is our country dealing with a gas shortage, is this something that Coloradans need to stress about right now?

At this point it really is anyone guess on a gas shortage, it seems like no straight answers are being given. Which is causing some people to fear for the worst and try to hoard as much gas as possible. This is causing the shortage that some gas stations are seeing, this is more prevalent in the southeast region of the country.

Whether There is a Gas Shortage or Not…

Please remember that if you feel the need to get extra gasoline just in case please use a canister that is made for hauling and transporting gasoline. There are also lots of photos of gas canisters being filled and then laid on their side to stack even more containers filled with gasoline. This is an easy way to dump fuel out of your canister and creating a flammable and potentially dangerous situation.

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For Now, There is No Reason to Worry About a Gas Shortage

For now, this is all irrational fear and there is no reason for you to stock up on as much gasoline as possible. There is still plenty to go around. And if you’re stocking up for your lawnmower or other gas-powered equipment make sure you use proper containers when transporting gasoline.

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