I think we are all looking to lower gas prices especially when we can save a little money and use it elsewhere. Remember when gas was really high it seemed like the gas prices started creeping up again. But because of the fact that oil prices are dropping, that means gas prices drop too. With lower gas prices many people tend to like to buy larger vehicles like pickup trucks or SUV's. I personally like driving a vehicle that doesn't use much gas a little car is what I like to drive.

For many people, lower gas prices mean "Road Trip" with the cheaper gas prices families are able to go on road trips.  The highest price for a gallon of gas is still California in Fresno is $3.99.

According to GasBuddy.com the cheapest gas in Grand Junction is Sam's Club at $2.79 Sinclair on North Ave also has gas for $ 2.79 a gallon. Exon on I-70 has gas for $2.83.

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