You might think that nothing in life is truly free, but I assure you this is absolutely and totally free.

'The Dash' will start running in Grand Junction March 21st - the second day of spring. Here's what you need to know.

Two buses will be running every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 4:15 pm until 12:15 am. 'The Dash' will run on Grand Valley Transit's Route 1, with 52 total stops along Horizon Drive, 12th Street, Main Street, and the Downtown GVT Transfer Facility.

The service will take riders from Grand Junction Regional Airport, Horizon Drive, Colorado Mesa University and downtown to destinations along the designated route. Again, I emphasize the service is free to anyone who rides. This is not just available to college students and visitors to Grand Junction.

Each bus holds about 54 passengers and will look noticeably different than the regular GVT buses. These colorful buses will have 'The Dash' prominently displayed on either side.

There's no question the service will be heavily utilized during the tourism season, with so many visitors staying at hotels on Horizon Drive. But, locals will also be able to utilize the new service.

The new service is a partnership between Downtown Grand Junction, Grand Valley Transit, City of Grand Junction, CMU, Grand Junction Regional Airport, and the Horizon Drive Business Improvement District.

'The Dash' clearly has a distinct purpose and clientele. Not everyone who rides GVT will find the service useful. But, clearly, there will be a benefit to downtown Grand Junction in providing transportation from Horizon Drive to downtown. I know how much of a struggle it is for small business owners in the Main Street area to make it in today's world of big box stores and internet shopping.

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