If you could reach out and touch a piece of history 65 million years old, would you?

Well, you can at Trinidad Lake State Park.

Geologists suggest an asteroid that hit Earth nearly 65 million years ago left a fine dust layer that over time became part of the rock formations in the park. This is the same asteroid that hit Mexico, which sent dust across the globe, blotting out the sun and killing life on the planet.

That dust settled in the Trinidad Lake State Park area and you can not only see it but touch it as well, embedded in the rock.

Dinosaur fossils are found in many places in the state, but nowhere can you touch something that impacted so very long ago.

In addition to the geological wonders you will find, it's also an excellent place for fishing, camping and all manner of outdoor activities. And, as it turns out, a great place to go camping as well.

This sounds like a road trip made in heaven. Geological amazement, camping, fishing, hiking on miles and miles of trails and a lot of fun.

Camping begins July 1, but reservations are required, so let's get our campsites and get ready to explore the past, and the present.

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