Everyone has a guilty pleasure. From food to music, these are Grand Junction's guilty pleasures.

My guilty pleasure has been super sugary cereals as of lately, specifically, Reese's Puffs. Grand Junction also enjoys food as their guilty pleasure too. Along with food, these are Grand Junction's other guilty pleasures.


Chris Cooper says that peanut butter is his guilty pleasure. Which really isn't that guilty in my opinion. Pretzel pizza from Little Caesar's is Summer Henderson's go-to dish.

I get this being a guilty pleasure because I love pizza so much, I would almost never turn it down. Shanon Snover says tacos are her guilty pleasure and Eric Copeland likes to go for the ramen.

Music + More

Guilty pleasures aren't always food. Kandis Fuller says her guilty pleasure is a good concert. Kandi's other guilty pleasure is her Harley Davidson. Both are great guilty pleasures and should be experienced by all.

Jacob Kindsvatter's guilty pleasure is something that's not entirely real -- it's Wonder Woman. Matt's guilty pleasures are beer, a good rock show, sex and also pizza.

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