For months now we have had lots of flies around our house and other bugs feeling way too comfortable at my house in Grand Junction. Now I will admit we live near a field that has a few cows which is obviously going to increase the number of flies and other bugs in our area but thanks to my wife our problem will be eliminated soon.

A few weeks ago I mentioned to my amazing wife Savannah that we should get one of those guns that shoots salt to take down flies and other annoyances around our house. I was half-joking but she took this as an opportunity to look into them and as soon as she found out that these bad boys could be used to eliminate spiders too, one was ordered and on the way to our house.

When I arrived home from work earlier this week I found a package on the front door, at this point I had no idea that Savannah had made the purchase so I figured it was some other house decoration. When she got home and told me it was a gift for me I was intrigued. I opened it up and saw the Bug-A-Salt and knew it was time to go into attack mode.

I have taken down a few flies this week but this weekend I will continue my battle and will dominate any flying creature that makes it into our home. I thought it was hilarious that they even sell beam-laser kits for these just in case you want to buy modifications for your salt gun. One thing is for sure, this is much better than the regular old boring fly swatter.

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