A 5-year-old Colorado girl showed scored major bravery points last weekend, after coming face to face with a bobcat while alone in her backyard.

On April 10, Rian Woodard was riding her toy bike on the family's back patio in Castle Rock, when a bobcat who was in the midst of chasing a rabbit, bolted into the yard.

Upon noticing each other, the child and the feline both locked eyes and froze — or in Rian's words she "creepy-stared" at the cat. According to Fox 31 Denver, the encounter lasted nearly 22 seconds, until the bobcat finally turned around and walked back out of the yard.

When Rian went inside the home to tell her parents what had just happened, they initially thought she was being dramatic, and assumed it was just a large neighborhood house cat.

However, the entire stare down was captured on security camera footage, and once the Woodard's watched it back, they realized how courageous their daughter had been just minutes prior. Not only were they shocked, but also extremely impressed that Rian showed no fear or sign of panic throughout the chance encounter.

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