If you’re looking for something connected to Grand Junction that is also more than a little weird, look no further than Etsy. The good news is that many of these strange items are also kind of awesome. Many are also antique and rare, plus a few give you a peak at the long ago past of the Grand Valley. Here are five of my favorites with their Etsy descriptions from the people listing them.

This is an original cabinet card circa early 20th century. The studio was in Fruita, Colorado and is marked on the back. The cabinet card is in Good condition, having a couple of spotted areas on the front (cleanable if desired professionally) and some bending at the corners as well as a crease in the card stock. However, the image is incredible and a rare subject with an antique Steiff bear, standing behind a fold out camera on a chair, taking a picture of a young Victorian girl.

This is a vintage 1944 map of Colorado. It was removed from an old atlas, I do not sell reproductions. It's dimensions are about 9 x 12 inches.

1955 US Forest Service Map is of the Grand Mesa Lakes Area in the Grand Mesa National Forest area of Colorado - near Grand Junction
Measures 33"x 17" when unfolded
Features a full map of the Grand Mesa Lakes area with green colors
Back features a variety of information about the area

Palisade Peach Soap is a gorgeous peach themed soap. Made with real pureed Palisade peaches! Palisade is small town on the western slope of Colorado. It is known for it's orchards and especially it's peaches.

And, here’s the coolest Grand Junction item I found on Etsy.

Offered here with the original cap, label and pair of tax stamps is a half gallon sherry wine bottle that was sold by the C.D. Smith Drug Company and pharmacy in Grand Junction, Colorado 1879 - 1939. This bottle is in very good condition with no chips or cracks, but the label is a bit tattered and worn. There are two tax stamps that are intact affixed to the back of this bottle and the top of the bottle features a pair of finger rings that act as a handle.

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