Dead as in nothing going on, nothing new to see, don't feel like hiking or biking, just dead.

Have you ever faced this? You want to do something, but you don't know what, only what you don't want to do. I have. So I decided to try and figure out things to do when there's nothing to do and I learned in Grand Junction there's always something to do, and not all of it is physically demanding.

Throw Darts

Now here is something you can do, either alone or with friends that is fun and can be quite competitive. You can even join leagues! Did you know there is more than one type of dart board? You can throw at the old school cork boards, or use the new and improved air boards. Very cool. In Grand Junction, try the Brass Rail or Charlie Dwellington's for example.


Oh yes. No matter what the weather is like outside, you can always go bowling. And when it get's really hot in the summer, guess where it's cool? That's right, the bowling alley. Freeway Bowl, Orchard Mesa Lanes and Spin City are your 10 pin destinations. Join a league and have even more fun!

Go Climbing

I really wish this was around when I was younger. It hurt falling off of buildings trying to do this stuff. Grand Valley Climbing is definitely one place you need to try. One look around and you're going to already plan how you want to climb this place. A great place to get your climb on! But if you gotta climb, and I mean climb, check out GJ Climbing. They are your area hook up.

Go Ahead and Jump

Get Air at The Silo Trampoline Park has the jump for you. Whether you're young or not so much, you can still jump and laugh and enjoy and this is a good place to start. I mean let's face it, it's way better than jumping on your bed, right?

Wanna Race?

Get your kart a runnin' at the Grand Junction Motor Speedway! Ages five and up \can enjoy the fun of racing around a world class track on one way cool go kart. The only question is, how much fun can you have?

There are plenty more things to do, but this is a pretty good start. Whether you get your engine revving or climb your way to the top, these are just plain fun.



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