I have family in Denver, so I like to go visit sometimes, and I thought about the things I've learned along the way.

You Use More Gas Going to Denver

This surprised me some, considering the mileage is the same. But the trip to Denver is uphill a lot, so my car works harder going to than coming from Denver. When I fill up here I have 1/4 tank left when I get there, and when I fill up to come back, just about a half tank. Fascinating.

The Beauty is Amazing

Now this is not news, but as I usually drive, I don't get to enjoy the scenery as much, so when I get to be a passenger, I love to just look at everything I miss when I'm driving. Sunset on the Rocky Mountains is breathtaking.

Not Everyone Thinks "Safety First"

This is probably not a surprise to many, but it is to me. When there is snow on the ground, I tend to go a little slower, for safety reasons. Yet there are people that think since they have 4 wheel drive that they are safe and can roll along like it was summer. Usually, the same ones who roll over later or spin out of control.

There are Some Vehicles That Shouldn't Take the Trip

You've seen them. Heavily smoking, doing the whole "I think I can, I think I can" thing trying to make up Vail Pass. Or so slow they putter along in the left lane at 40-50 miles per hour. Driving through the Rockies is hard enough, let alone trying to do it with a substandard vehicle.

The Down-and-Back is Brutal

If you have ever had to drive to Denver then turn around and come right back, you know just how brutal a drive that is. The 4 hours there is bad enough, but to then turn around and drive right back isn't a really good idea unless you have no choice. Then it still isn't a good idea.

Add to the list. What have you noticed driving to Denver and back?

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