Recently I spoke to a number of you concerning your thoughts about Grand Junction and how we might improve on an already wonderful place to live.

So, here are your responses!

More Local Art Festivals

With art on the corner and a few places around town to create art, why not celebrate it? Have an art festival twice a year and show off the wonderful art and artists we have here?

An Entertainment District

Combining art with entertainment is as old as, well, art and entertainment. Create an entertainment district with clubs, shops and the like, we can cater to those who merely want to find the entertaining aspects of Grand Junction.

A Larger Concert Venue

Not a thing wrong with the places we go to see concerts and shows, except there aren't enough seats. Imagine a 10,000 seat venue here? Touring acts prefer to play before larger crowds and having an arena that could seat that many people would not only allow us to book bigger name acts, but also some other shows we never get to see because of the fact we don't have a large enough venue.

Local Food Scene

Granted we have excellent restaurants, etc, but imagine more. More creativity, more choices of places to eat. Maybe we can combine all of these into one location and have it all right there. Together.

Marijuana Dispensary

A touchy subject for sure, but let's be honest. We have a lot of needs in Grand Junction, and more tax money would solve a myriad of issues. Opening a dispensary or two would add that tax money to our coffers and allow us to improve those things we cannot currently afford to improve.

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