Steve "Mudflap" McGrew is coming to Grand Junction, and you have a chance to sit down for dinner at Grand Junction's MX Restaurante with this award winning comedian. If you need a little convincing, here is a short list of five reasons why you want to win.

5. Having dinner with a comedian could result in someone laughing so hard that something comes out their nose. That would compound the original "funniness" and multiply it exponentially to an all new level.

4. It's a free meal.

3. Friends and family you haven't heard from in years will suddenly start crawling out the woodwork. When word gets out you have tickets to see Steve McGrew including dinner, people you haven't seen in years will suddenly start breaking your door down. For the record, we fully realize this may not necessarily be a good thing.

2. He's a nice guy.

1. You can try your comedy skills on him. Maybe he'll like something you do, and add it to his routine.