Grand Junction's Gunny Loop makes for an excellent hike for people of all ages and skill level. Of course, it's also an excellent trail for cyclists and dog walkers. Here's a list of five reasons why you should check out Gunny Loop as soon as possible.

Waylon Jordan

1. Gunny Loop is well marked and easy to follow... even I can walk it and not get lost.

2. It is at times challenging, but also accessible to almost anyone.

Waylon Jordan

3. The trails offers a wide variety of terrain.

Waylon Jordan

4. On average, you can walk for miles, and encounter only a few other hikers.

5. It features all of Little Park's best elements, all in one trail.

Gunny Loop is easy to find, just off Little Park Road. There is convenient, and as near as I can tell, secure, free parking available as well.

Map to Gunny Loop Trailhead