People all over Western Colorado are expressing their disenchantment over the fact that Summer has ended and Fall is starting to show its colors. Is it possible that Fall offers activities that make it even more enjoyable than Summer? Here's a list of five things about Autumn that make it better than Summer.

  1. Cycling and Hiking - Yes, Summer is great for getting out in the mountains and hitting the trails. However, it is possible, and I'm speaking from experience, that you can overheat and pay the price with outdoor activities. Fall offers the same accessibility to the outdoors, but without the extreme temperatures.
  2. College and High School sports - With Fall comes a busy sports schedule with both College and High School.
  3. Planting - While Summer offers the opportunity to get out and enjoy yard work, it really doesn't offer many chances to plant. With Fall, you can get out and put some new trees and shrubs in the ground.
  4. Wardrobe Options - In the Fall, you can dress to match the weather. If your workplace enforces a dress code, chances are you spent the Summer sweating your buns off while trying to look professional.
  5. Saving Energy - With Summer, it's about all you can do to keep the house cool. In the Winter, it's just the opposite. In the Fall, you open or close a window. That's the good stuff.

There you go, five reasons not to be sad over Summer's departure. Enjoy Autumn, and don't hesitate to take advantage of the Western Colorado outdoors.