Have you seen the various angel trees around Western Colorado? Have you considered donating to one?

I recently spotted an angel tree at my health club. After looking closer, I noticed the requests made by the children mostly involved necessities - jacket, clothing, store gift cards and such. If you look at the photo at top, you'll see this teenager is requesting some very basic items.

Have you donated to an angel tree before? You'll see requests from children of all ages. Younger children tend to request toys. Older children typically ask for clothing and essentials. The list I selected included requests for a jacket, a gift card for shampoo and hair care products from a beauty supply shop, and a Walmart gift card.

The children, of course, remain completely anonymous. The "angel" typically provides a name, gender, and age.

Why should you buy gifts for an angel tree?

  • You can ensure a child has something under the tree this Christmas
  • Many times kids are requesting essentials
  • It lets a child know someone is thinking about them
  • Giving does require a serious commitment of money or time - most gifts are fairly inexpensive
  • You'll bring a smile to the faces of the underprivileged child during the holiday season

Where will you find these angel trees? I can think of three, all within a one-block radius. Three locations right off the top of my head include:

  • Crossroads Fitness Downtown (in the basement of the Alpine Bank Building)
  • Alpine Bank (225 N. 5th Street)
  • St. Joseph's Catholic Church (across from Alpine Bank)
Alpine Bank angel tree
Waylon Jordan

Take your pick. They all work pretty much the same way. You'll see cards hanging from the tree. Each one lists a child's name, their age, and what they would like for Christmas. From there, it's in your hands.

Waylon Jordan

You'll find giving to an angel tree to be a very rewarding experience. There are several others around the valley. This season, give an anonymous gift and let a child know someone is thinking of them.

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