It's the first day of spring! Are you jazzed about starting your garden? There's a free class coming your way offering instructions on how to test and prep the best soil possible.
I don't know about you, but my backyard is already covered with weeds, and it's only the first day of spring. Strangely, weeds grow out of control on my property, and weed killer barely puts a dent in them. In the meantime, though, anything and everything I plant manages to up and die in about a month. Attending this class might be wise.
"Soil Preparation for the Garden Hobbyist" is coming up Tuesday, March 26, 2019, at 3 p.m., at the Mesa County Libraries Clifton Branch. The class will be lead by CSU Master Gardener Kate Weissenburger.
What will you learn? The class is designed to familiarize the backyard garden enthusiast with the characteristics of Western Colorado soils. You'll learn several important skills including:
  • soil tests
  • how to fertilize or amend the soil
  • how soil texture affects watering
  • general principles for good soil health
Why should you attend? Here are five reasons to consider:
  • Studies have found that gardening makes you feel good
  • Gardening is good for you! Weight-bearing activities such as digging and lifting can build muscle, and aerobic activities such as raking, mowing and hoeing can burn calories (Thanks to learningwithexperts.com for this one)
  • It's great escapism to learn or improve a new skill and a perfect excuse to escape from normality for a while
  • The price of "free" is pretty hard to beat
  • Getting "back to the land" is just what the doctor ordered
This one-hour presentation is free and open to the public. You'll find the Clifton branch of the Mesa County Library at 590 32 Road.

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