How many times have you heard someone say: "Only in Colorado?"

Well, while some of the things listed you can do in other states, no place puts a stamp on an activity quite like Colorado. Take a look at these five things to do in our beautiful state and let's go!

Desert Reef Hot Springs-Florence

This is a family hot springs out in the desert with views of the mountains. But how it got here is an interesting story in itself. Digging for oil they happened upon a natural hot spring that just kept flowing. So they made a place to come, relax and unwind. Oh, and it's also clothing optional.

Pikes Peak Summit House-Cascade

The deep fryer with the highest elevation is located at the Pikes Peak Summit House. What does this mean for you? Consider the fact that the doughnuts you get here must be eaten here. Why? Because they spoil as the air gets thicker. And, there's this thing about some sort of amazing view from the summit of Pike's Peak. Imagine that.

Indiana Jones Home-Antonito

For fans of the movie series, this is a must-see. During the beginning of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, the film centered on Indiana's boyhood home. This home is now a bed and breakfast and you can tell people you stayed in Indiana Jones' house! Cool or what?

Baldpate Inn-Estes Park

The key to unlocking the secrets of this place are probably at this place. You see, they have a collection. A key collection. And they keys they have unlocked some very interesting doors. Like Hitler's bunker, Frankenstine's castle and the White House, for example. 20,000 keys on display that will have you shaking your head.

Ouray Alchemist-Ouray

Take a trip back to the old west and see what an early "drug store" looked like. Take the tour and see what the bottles they used were like, smell some of the "cures" they used, (don't eat first) and shudder at the antique medical equipment. After you leave here, you'll probably be glad you didn't live in the old west!

Can you say road trip?

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