We all get cabin fever. That feeling that you just need to get out of the house or out of town for a few days just to recharge.

Take a look at these trips and see if there is one or more you want to start planning.

Arches National Park-Utah

The most beautiful natural stone arches on earth. Multi-colored, amazing arches that make you go "wow" with every single one you see. And from here, you can see the Milky Way. It's truly a beautiful place.


Skiing, shopping, or just wandering around in all that history, Telluride is one amazing place. No matter what time of year it is, Telluride holds something for everyone. I want to vacation here!


Beauty everywhere you look. Skiers love the skiing here, outdoor enthusiasts love the many different things you can do besides skiing, If you like to mountain bike, you're going to love the many trails you can ride here.

Pikes Peak

Much more to do than just check out the mountain, but that in itself is pretty cool, too. Bring the family and find fun things you can all do. You can take it all in and just enjoy it, whether you're active or just want to look around.

Glenwood Springs

The best hot springs, the best vapor caves and the fun, outdoor things you can do here make it one of our favorite destinations. And the season doesn't matter. Take a whitewater rafting trip while you're here. Just try to not laugh when the water is splashing into your face.

Colorado is a beautiful, amazing state. You can't go wrong no matter where you go.

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