Looking for something less frightening to do in October?

October is fun for a lot of reasons, including Halloween, but what about people who don't take part in Halloween festivities? Well, there is plenty for them to do as well. Take a look.

Harvest Party

If you have a garden or crops that need to be harvested, throw a harvest party. Invite your friends to come to help you harvest your crops and make a party out of it. Have the kids create decorations for dinner or help with the harvesting. Make it fun and creative. Give prizes, for example, just for showing up. And, of course, make a really delicious dinner. I'll come help!

Hospital Visit

Put together a treat bag and head to the children's area of the local hospital and share them around. And if you don't want to take candy, make it healthy and use veggies and make it fun.

Rake and Bake

You have all of those leaves in your yard, so what better way to get help in raking and bagging them up than food? The smells from your kitchen will make even the laziest person want to get up and help. My favorite.

Neighborhood Chili Cook-off

Yeah, this one. Everyone has their favorite chili recipe, so let's see who rules the 'hood! This can be a lot of fun, but make sure you have antacids handy.

Do it yourself hay rides

Do you have a wagon? Do you know anyone with hay? Break that wagon out, fill it with hay and pick up neighborhood kids and take them for a hayride. The cornier the better. Or if you have a station wagon or SUV, you can fill the back of it up and do the same thing. Yeah, it will be messy, but once you hear all of the laughing, you won't care.

What other suggestions might you have for October?

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