There are no doubt hundreds, if not thousands of "rescued at sea" stories from Maine's dramatic coast. But it's particularly cool when one of those rescues is caught on video. And it's even cooler when that rescue involves a tiny little bird and a great big lobsterman.

Jacob Knowles, who describes himself as a "Maine Pilot, Lobster fisherman, Father, Outdoorsman, Husband, Trout fanatic," has been posting videos on TikTok of what life is like for he and his crew for quite some time. He's based out of Winter Harbor, and he's garnered a following of just over 166,000 folks who love to see him explain what a typical day is like for a Maine fisherman and watch him show some of the cool things he finds when he's out on the water.

But one video he posted recently, that featured a little bird that he rescued while 25 miles from shore, has captivated the hearts of so many, that it's racked up almost 6.5 MILLION views. And once you watch it, you'll totally see why:

In the clip, Knowles introduces us to the little bird. He lets the bird dry off, feeds him some crushed up chips and even gives him a little cap full of water. His new little feathered friend even spends some time atop Knowles' noggin, just hanging out and taking in the sights and sounds. You can totally see how grateful the little bird-buddy is for being rescued. And it's a really neat little look at what life is like for the men and women who head out on the waters of Maine each morning.

Jacob's other videos are pretty cool, too. So if you get a minute, you may want to check those out. Here's another one that's pretty neat:

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