A couple in Aurora who works for the Colorado Department of Corrections got into an argument over fireworks during the Fourth of July holiday and one person ended up dead.

Scott Matthews and his girlfriend Katherine O'Neal came out to confront a mother and her two children who were lighting fireworks on Independence Day because the sound was scaring their dog. Both of them were armed when they came out of their apartment.

As the argument continued, O'Neal admitted she drew her weapon but did not point it at anyone. Matthews, however, seemed to get more agitated and at one point headbutted the woman in front of her children, 9 and 14. The woman, Shamira Cotton, admitted to throwing her drink in Matthew's face during the argument.

As Matthews spouted profanities and continued to berate Cotton, Cotton's boyfriend, Jaharie Wheeler came out and saw his girlfriend bleeding and began arguing with Matthews and threw a punch at him, which caused Matthews to draw his weapon and fire one round into Wheeler's chest, killing him.

Matthews was arrested and is being held on a $100,000 bond. He has been suspended without pay.

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