Watch Nathan Fillion and a bunch of Browncoats tell us what it takes to be a good captain throughout the Verse in this trailer for Firefly Online.

The Wrap reports that Joss Whedon's impeccable crew will all return to lend their voices to Firefly Online. As you can tell by this trailer, Ron Glass is even returning to narrate the game as Shepherd Book. Firefly Online is going to be an online strategy game mixed with RPG mechanics. You act as your own captain, meaning you select your own crew, outfit your ship as you prefer it and pick the missions you want. This means you keep your crew happy, do the job and keep your bird in the air so you can move on to the next port and find all that shiny money.

While no launch window has been set, Firefly Online will launch for PC, Mac, iOS and Android. The game's official website, Keep Flying, was able to let you register your captain early, but the fans of the series overloaded its servers. The website will be moving to an Amazon server shortly. We can't wait to see how this online title features Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres, Summer Glau, Alan Tyduk and the rest of the cast returning to play their iconic roles.

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