Any idea why there is a Gurley, Nebraska fire truck parked at a State Farm Insurance office on 12th Street in Grand Junction?

I'm sure there is a great story behind it. At least, I hope there is a great story behind it. Searched Google and Yahoo but was unable to come up with anything online.

One of my first thoughts was maybe it was used in some sort of historical setting. The biggest, most destructive fire in Nebraska history. This particular fire truck was used to finally bring the massive blaze under control before any more homes, land and lives were lost.

Maybe it a family type situation or story. The person who runs the insurance agency there, could it be that his or her Grandfather was a Fire Chief in Gurley and this is the truck that his station used? Then it was passed on down to the family.

Now, I know that when you try to create your own history for an item or a person, the story imagined is much grander than the truth. So, when you do find out the real story, it's 99.9 percent of the time way off from what you had dreamed up.

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