Some answers to the Alferd Packer Murder Mystery can be found right here in Grand Junction.

It's been nearly 150 years ago since Alferd Packer, the "Colorado Cannibal," was accused of killing and eating his traveling companions near Lake City in western Colorado. It has been a most intriguing murder mystery that has fascinated Colorado residents for decades.

After years of historical and forensic investigation, researchers have determined that Packer may have eaten his companions, but that he did not kill them.

The exhibition "Alferd Packer: Solving One of the West’s Great Murder Mysteries" is on display at Grand Junction's Museum of the West November 3 - March 1, and you can see the evidence for yourself.

Museum historians and Colorado Mesa University scientists, using state-of-the-art scientific equipment and complex forensic investigation techniques, believe they have uncovered startling evidence that indicates Packer was a cannibal but not a killer.

The evidence is laid out in this exhibition featuring forensic evidence never before available to the public, western relics, and memorabilia from the case.

Alferd Packer has been known as one of Colorado's most notorious villains, but it's possible that Colorado history will need to be re-written.

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