It's actually Singles Awareness Day everywhere. Ironic that it comes up the day after Valentine's Day, isn't it?

Who thinks this stuff up? I can imagine how that conversation went.

Person 1- "We need a holiday after Valentine's Day".

Person 2- "Yeah? How about Single Awareness Day"?

Person 1- "Yes! Remind them one more time how single they really are! I love it"!

As if Valentine's Day and one's lack of a valentine wasn't reminder enough, now they set aside a day for us. To remind us that hey, in case you forgot, you're single.

Now they will tell you the reason for this particular day is to say there is nothing wrong with being single. And I agree. I answer to no one, go where I will when I wish to and have my way all the time!

Yeah, I also eat alone, sleep alone, go to movies alone, but hey, I am single dangit!

Being single has its upside. But do we really need a day, after Valentine's Day, to remind us of it?

Besides, I have a dog. Maybe that's all of us really need anyway.

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